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24/7 Boiler Repair & Replacements

Chicago’s Premier Boiler Repair Service

Our boiler repair and replacement service ensure your heating system operates efficiently and safely. Expert technicians diagnose issues, perform necessary repairs, or replace outdated units. With prompt, reliable service, we minimize downtime, enhance comfort, and extend your boiler’s lifespan. Trust our service to keep your home warm and energy-efficient throughout the year.

Use Chicagoland for your heating repairs.

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  • 24/7 emergency service.
  • Certified technicians.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Providing Service Since 1948!

We’re here for all your boiler needs.

Boiler Repair

Experiencing problems with your heating system? Contact us at any time for our round-the-clock service. We will send a certified technician to your residence to assess and repair your boiler or heat pump, ensuring it operates smoothly once more.

Boiler Maintenance

Maintain peak performance and avoid malfunctions in your boiler by scheduling annual servicing with our team. An autumnal inspection readies your boiler for the winter ahead, improving its efficiency and dependability.

Boiler Replacement

Should your boiler be old or in need of major parts replacement, choosing a new system might be more cost-effective than repairs. Our certified experts will provide a detailed evaluation and assist you in making an informed choice.

Typical Problems Encountered During Service Visits

Boilers, like all mechanical systems, can experience a range of common issues. Early recognition of these issues can prevent more severe problems. Here are the most common boiler problems we see:

  • Lack of Heating or Hot Water: The most apparent issue, which could stem from malfunctioning diaphragms, airlocks, motorized valve failures, thermostat problems, or insufficient water levels.
  • Water Leaks and Drips: These suggest a failure in internal components like pressure valves or pump seals. High boiler pressure might cause leaks from the pressure valve. Our technicians can identify and address the cause of the leak.
  • Unusual Noises: Whistling, gurgling, or banging noises, known as ‘kettling’, might be due to air in the system, a malfunctioning pump, low water pressure, or limescale build-up on the heat exchanger.
  • Extinguished Pilot Light: Causes might include a defective thermocouple, soot accumulation blocking the gas supply, or drafts.
  • Low Pressure in Boiler: Problems such as leaks, defective pressure relief valves, or recently bled radiators can reduce boiler pressure, affecting performance. Our technicians can resolve these issues.
  • Condensate Pipe Freezing: In cold weather, the condensate pipe of modern boilers may freeze, blocking the system and causing failure.
  • Thermostat Problems: Thermostats may lose accuracy or efficiency over time, leading to erratic heating or lack of hot water.
  • Radiators Not Warming: This could be due to sludge or air in the system, often fixable by bleeding the radiators or system flushing.
  • Boiler Shutting Off: This could be due to low water pressure, a blocked condensate pipe, air in the system, or thermostat issues, requiring further investigation to identify the cause.

Regular servicing by a qualified technician is crucial for maintaining a boiler’s longevity and efficiency, minimizing the chance of unexpected failures and expensive repairs.

“We have used Chicagoland in both our homes for over 20 years. They have been very reliable, professional and fast.”

“I will only be using Chicagoland for our HVAC needs going forward. No job is too tough for this shop!”

Royal Treatment Plan

Routine servicing of your boiler is essential to avoid premature replacement, leading us to create the King Royal Treatment Plan. Membership ensures priority service, repair discounts, and many additional advantages!

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our commitment to you includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our services, such as boiler repair in Chicago. Your comfort is our utmost priority, which is why we guarantee you won’t pay until the work is completed!

Our clear and simple approach


Available around the clock without additional fees.

We guarantee no extra fees for services on weekends or evenings, and our 24/7 availability ensures a swift response to your boiler repair requirements. Feel free to contact us anytime for prompt and effective heating repair.


We’ll dispatch our technician to your residence.

Reach out to us for boiler repair services in Chicago. Our technicians will inform you about 10-15 minutes prior to reaching your place. Look for them arriving in vehicles clearly branded with our logo.


Our technician will examine your boiler system.

After our technician has talked with you about the issues you are experiencing, they will proceed to check your boiler. Their aim is to quickly and accurately pinpoint the problem.


We’ll give you a clear, upfront cost estimate.

Upon identifying the specific part of your boiler that needs repair or replacement, our technician will present you with a clear and upfront price quote. We are also available to answer any further questions you might have.


We will begin the repair process.

Every technician on our team is a certified expert with extensive experience in managing boilers and a variety of heating systems. They are typically prepared to perform on-the-spot repairs in most situations.


We make certain your boiler operates efficiently.

Finally, before our technician leaves, we’ll perform multiple diagnostic tests to verify your boiler’s efficient and effective operation. Plus, our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.