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Signs That Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

Furnace maintenance in Chicago

Many people take their furnace for granted- that is until it breaks down on them in the dead of winter. Furnaces are a must-have in most homes today and play a vital role in keeping families warm during the colder months. Although they’re easy to install and come in a wide variety of sizes and types, furnaces need to be properly maintained in order to function properly and last for many years. If you’ve been having issues with your furnace lately or are unsure of whether it’s time to replace it, keep reading. This article will provide you with three signs that indicate it’s time to get a new furnace. Once you identify these signs, you can then begin shopping for a replacement that will keep your home warm for years to come.

How Does A Furnace Work?

Let’s have a look at how the furnace works. To start, a furnace has a thermostat that acts as the controller of the system. This thermostat sends a signal to the furnace to get activated when there is a drop in temperature. As this happens, the gas valve is switched on and this ignites the burner – this is if you have a gas furnace. For an electric furnace, the heat source comes from an electric current. Once the burner is ignited, it starts to heat up the air which then gets circulated through a system of ducts by means of a blower. The air enters your room through vents and this is how you get warmth in your home during winter.

The next step is the heating up of the metal exchanger. The air then begins to pick up the heat and flows through a tube in a circular motion. A blower and fan then transport this warm air to all parts of the house or the facility via a system of vents and ducts. When the desired temperature is achieved throughout the home, the thermostat sends another signal to the furnace to switch off. This process repeats itself when there is a drop in the temperature again.

This repeated cycle can often lead to damage and is made worse if the furnace has ben neglected. Let’s now have a look at some of the signs of furnace damage.

3 Signs of a Damage Furnace

There are many signs prior to a furnace failing. Here are three common signs to watch for when trying to figure out if your furnace needs a replacement:

1. Foul Smell

If you notice a chlorine or ozone smell in your home, it’s important to take action immediately. This typically indicates a gas leak in the furnace, which can pose a serious safety risk. You may also notice the smell of melting wires, which is another indication that something is wrong with your furnace. However, the most common symptom of a problem with your furnace is simply a dirty laundry smell. This is caused by the accumulation of dirt and debris in your vents and ducts, and it can quickly become overpowering if left untreated. In addition to being unpleasant, this dirty laundry smell can also indicate mold growth or rising humidity levels in your home. As such, it’s important to have your furnace inspected as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

2. Poor Heating

If your furnace isn’t working as efficiently as it once did, it might be time for a new one. You may notice that your home isn’t heating evenly, or that your energy bills have spiked. In some cases, a simple repair may be all that is needed to get your furnace back up and running. However, if your furnace is older or has been experiencing frequent problems, it may be time for a replacement.

3. Odd Noises Coming From The Furnace

Any sound coming from your furnace should never be ignored as it can indicate a serious flaw or damage. If you hear a knocking sound, a buzzing noise, or a hum, this is a sign that your furnace is reaching the end of its life span and you need to call in a professional for help. If a quick repair is not possible, then you will need to get a new furnace installed.

Contact a Local Professional

If you’ve noticed your furnace making strange noises, your home isn’t as warm as it used to be, or there’s an increase in your energy bills, then you may have a furnace failure. Getting in touch with a professional and reliable service provider is the next best step. They will offer furnace repairs and replacements. Doing this as soon as possible can prevent unwanted costs and keep your home warm and comfortable. Chicagoland heating & AC will be able to help you get your furnace back up and running quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get in touch with us today.