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Selecting A Quality Furnace For Your Home

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Shopping for a new furnace can be overwhelming, but understanding the basics of what to look for will make the process much simpler. Consider important specs like AFUE and BTU output alongside your preferred fuel source – gas or electric. Plus, don’t forget about those smart home features that give you added control over temperature settings with just one tap! By taking all these factors into account when buying a new furnace, you’ll find yourself equipped with exactly what works best within your household needs.

You should consider the following when selecting a furnace:

  • Check how much energy a unit use during the year, (AFUE) rating.
  • Consider the type of fuel your current furnace uses and if you would consider changing the fuel source.
  • The size of the unit will be in direct proportions to your home’s unique features like its square footage, number of bedrooms, ceiling height, etc.

Efficiency and Energy Consumption

Instead of just opting for the cheapest furnace available, homeowners should make sure to take into account long-term costs when making their purchase. An energy-efficient model can save hundreds over its lifetime in terms of reduced electricity bills and may even outlast cheaper counterparts while paying back its investment more quickly. Heating and cooling usually accounts for most home energy usage, so an increase in efficiency could have a huge impact on reducing household expenses!

When shopping for a new furnace, it’s important to look beyond the glossy sales pitch and dive into its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. This number reflects how much energy is actually put towards producing heat versus lost in exhaust — with higher ratings being more efficient models that can save you money on your monthly bills while helping out the environment too. So make sure to compare AFUEs carefully when choosing your next heating system.

When deciding on a furnace for your home, it is essential to consider more than just efficiency ratings. Electric furnaces may have higher AFUE scores and be more effective at converting energy into heat with less wasted, but the cost of electricity can often outweigh that benefit when compared to natural gas costs. Our team has an abundance of knowledge about different models so we can help you compare options like size, type and features in order to make sure you get the best possible solution tailored specifically for your needs!

Service for furnaces

Fuel Types For Furnaces

North American homes are typically equipped with either natural gas or electric furnaces to keep their inhabitants warm. Gas-powered units use combustion of natural gas as a heat source while electrical models generate warmth through the resistance created by an electrical current passing between metal resistors. Although the latter system is safer, it also tends to be more budget intensive than traditional combustible heating systems.

When deciding the best option for your home’s heating system, it is important to consider not only cost of fuel but also efficiency ratings. Gas furnaces are typically more wallet-friendly than electric models thanks to natural gas being less expensive. However, if you do not have a pre-existing gas connection in your dwelling then an electric furnace might be preferable from a practical standpoint due to its simpler installation process. Ultimately, different households require unique solutions and consulting with an experienced HVAC technician should provide helpful guidance when determining which type of furnace will keep things warm without breaking the bank.

Sizing Your Furnace System

When selecting a new furnace, it is important to consider the size of your home and BTUs. An excessive amount of British Thermal Units can be costly– leaving you with an inefficient heating system that wastes both energy and money — whereas too few takes away from comfort during chilly winter months. Selecting the proper output will ensure optimal power for all-season warmth in your space.

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Carrier Furnaces

If you’re looking for a furnace that both runs efficiently and can be depended on, Carrier is your best bet. This world-renowned HVAC manufacturer has been setting the standard in providing energy efficient home heating solutions since 1914 – their furnaces are top of the line! We train our technicians to install this premium brand, so opting for a Carrier means knowing you have access not just to an effective system but also assured professional installation. Rest easy with exceptional quality from one of the foremost experts in climate control – choose a Carrier unit.

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